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Self Esteem School, Issue #002 -- Don't Quit - Have Faith
March 06, 2012

Have Faith - Don't Quit

, As I was replying some emails a few days ago, this statement jumped into my mind "Faith is what keeps you going when you have no reason to keep going"

There will be times when you feel like giving up, quitting on yourself, quitting on that relationship, qutting on that business, quitting on that idea. That's when you need faith, to keep believing.

Life can get hard, all your efforts might seem to be yielding no results but if you can just keep believing you will see the results.

So, what is that thing that you've almost given up on? Don't quit, have faith, keep trying, keep pushing and the mountain and obstacles will soon move

No matter how tough things gets don't throw in the towel, champions don't quit.

I'll leave you with another statement that dropped in my mind "people don't quit, they lose faith, qutting is simply the result of losing faith"

If you can hold on to your faith, belief and confidence then you will never quit.

Even when there is no reason to keep believing, keep believing - especially in yourself.

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