Download and Go Through the Affirmations Exercise - It's a Great Way for Boosting Self Esteem

Download and print out the Affirmations Worksheet below.

The affirmations exercise is a very effective technique for boosting self esteem. Affirming yourself is one of the best kept secrets of the successful, it is a strategy successful people use to help themselves develop the confidence to take on any challenge, whether in business, sports, entertainment, relationships you name it.

You see, your brain responds to the information it is being fed, it then processes that information and feeds it to the part of your brain that controls your emotions, and before you know it you are "feeling your thoughts" and "acting your thoughts". Let me explain what I mean...

If the information your brain is receiving from you is "I'm such a loser" guess what happens, that information is passed on to the part of your brain that controls your emotions, and before long you start feeling like a loser, your head and shoulders drop, you start to pity yourself and you want to cry, in extreme cases you might even find yourself wanting to harm yourself, because the constant message you've been sending to your brain is "I'm such a loser" so you brain then looks for more ways to make you a loser i.e. self harm, alcohol abuse, etc.

The purpose of the affirmations exercise is to help you feed positive information to your brain, your brain then takes that information, sends it to the part of your brain that controls your emotions, and lets say the message being received is "I am victoriously overcoming every problem in my life" or "I am a winner, I cannot fail" - guess what happens? your brains starts to create that positive energy and emotion, you begin to feel unstoppable, and you begin to find strength and confidence from within, your head will no longer be bowed, your shoulders are now raised, you are ready to take on the challenges and all because you sent the right messages to your brain through the affirmations, boosting self esteem within you as a result.

If you haven't already done so please read the Self Esteem Affirmations Lesson and then download and print the Affirmations Exercise Worksheet to help you do the exercise.


Affirmations Exercise Worksheet (right click the link and select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" to download)

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