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It was by coincidence that I discovered you could increase self esteem with site build it. What started out as a journey to start an online business ended up being one of the best things I could ever have done to improve my self esteem. Then I discovered that other Site build It users (SBI'ers) also realised the impact using SBI had had on their self esteem and confidence.

When we are talking about programs and tools that help people increase self esteem, SBI probably wouldn't have been the first thing that springs to mind or the most obvious choice because essentially what SBI does is help people build successful online businesses (but you can find treasures in the most unusual places and when it comes to increasing self esteem, SBI is that treasure in an unusual place), so what correlation or relationship does a web hosting company have with building up people's self esteem you might ask?

Well let me explain...

According Maslow's hierarchy of needs some of the basic needs we all have as humans are the needs to be creative, to solve problems for others, to achieve and be respected by others. Maslow says that having these needs met in our personal lives will increase self esteem. If I was to summarise those needs into one word it would be SIGNIFICANCE.

increase self esteem

We all have a need for significance, we want to feel useful, we want to solve problems for other people, we want to achieve and be successful, we want to create things and be known and respected for things that we have built, be it a business, an invention, a family, a painting, a book - we all have a need to express our creativity. When these needs are not met in our lives, we end up feeling useless and insignificant and that is one of the causes of low self esteem.

Site Build It Helps you Increase Self Esteem and Discover Your Area of Significance.

Site Build It not only helps you build a successful and profitable website, site build it helps you to meet those needs that Maslow talked about, Site Build It helps you achieve SIGNIFICANCE.


Site Build It (SBI) gives you the platform to help others solve their problems by creating a web platform to share your passion and skills with others - like this website for example. SBI helps you to express your creativity, and SBI helps you to gain the respect of others and it does this by helping you build an online business that solves problems for people, an online business that allows you to express your creativity, that allows you to achieve and become successful and gain the respect of others.

How SBI helped me to become significant and improved my self esteem

SBI gave me the tools to turn my knowledge and passion into an online business that helps others as well as generate income. By building this website using the SBI method C-T-P-M I found a true sense of significance in life and had a platform to not only build a profitable online business, but to bring help and solution to people all around the world. The good news is you can too with SBI.

Let me explain even more...

Let's take this particular website for example, this website helps me to help people who are struggling with self esteem issues, this website helps me express my creativity by writing articles and developing a curriculum and worksheets, exercises and activities to help people struggling with low self esteem, this website also helps me to gain the respect of people who find the information I share useful and transformational, they respect me because I helped them solve their problem (and I say that with all humility), this website also helps me to make money online through advertisements and commissions from products that I recommend. There is something empowering about building something that brings value to others, and by using SBI I have been able to achieve that through this website.

I didn't invest in SBI thinking it would help me increase self esteem, it was by using SBI to build my websites that I realised the tremendous impact it was having on my self esteem, remember what I said about finding treasures in the most unusual of places...

If right now you are struggling with low self esteem, SBI might just be what you need, SBI will help you discover your skills and passion, the things that you are naturally knowledgeable about and gifted in, then SBI will help you turn that knowledge, that gift, that skill, that experience you have into a successful information website that will make money for you and help people around the world, and before long you too will see an increase in your self esteem.

If right now you have low self esteem because you don't feel like you are doing much with your life, and you don't feel that sense of purpose and significance, maybe you are in an unfulfilling job or maybe you've even been laid off from work due to the bad economy, and you are starting to get that feeling of uselessness and maybe even getting a little depressed, SBI can help you change all that by helping you create your own successful web business, something that is yours, something that is your brain child, that you can be proud of, something that is an extension of your creativity, something that will bring help and solution to thousands of people around the world, people that you might never physically meet but your website would have transformed their lives, and on top of that making money as well.

You can even end up making enough from your website that you never have to work for anyone ever again - imagine the satisfaction and confidence you would get from being able to achieve that - that's what SBI helps you to do.

Starting your own online business using SBI will help to increase your self esteem because it gives you the opportunity to help other people with what you already have. All that you need to become successful is already within you, never underestimate the knowledge you have, the experiences you have, the skills and talents you have - that is your real wealth and some of you are seating on your wealth, sitting on the knowledge, skills and experiences you have that could be used to improve the lives of others around the world and make you a lot of money at the same time.

If you have read this far then I'm sure you are starting to see the possibilities SBI offers, thousands of people around the world are using SBI to live their dreams, and thousands increase self esteem because of their SBI experience. Everyday people like you and me are creating web businesses that change lives, websites that help them to get that sense of significance, websites that allow them to turn their knowledge, skills, experience and passion into a profitable business.

So, what are you waiting for? increase your self esteem by helping others, express your creativity and get the respect you deserve from people who will love and appreciate your website. Start your SBI success story today!

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