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This section is all about self help motivation, giving you the tips advice and motivation you need to make the changes that you want to see in your life.

If you are going through challenges like depression, anxiety, troubled relationships, etc then this section will definitely help you.

5 Quick Self Help Motivation Tips for People that are Discouraged.

There are many reasons why people become discouraged.

Some common reasons are:

Being long-term unemployed and not having much luck with job applications.

Not having much success in your career or business.

Having a project in mind but not having the finances to make it happen.

Not having much success in finding love, and the pain of several broken relationships

The List could go on and on, people get discouraged for all kinds of reasons but the common theme is that discouragement comes due to lack of results, when you try so hard and invest so much and don't get the desired result after a while you will get discouraged and lose your motivation.

The following self help motivation tips will help anyone who finds themselves discouraged and give you the motivation to keep going and not give up.

1. Find someone who can encourage you. It might sound like an obvious thing to do, but many of us don't do it. When we get discouraged, we keep it to ourselves, we internalise the disappointments rather than sharing it with someone that can encourage you.

Whenever I get discouraged I call my best friend, I tell him my frustrations, and pain, and in turn he encourages me, he reminds me of my dream, he reminds me of my potential, he reminds me of my ability, he encourages me to keep going and not give up - you need that.

You need someone who can speak positivity into your negative situation and help you shift your focus off what isn't working.

I remember when I almost gave up on going to music school, I got discouraged because I couldn't get the money for the tuition, after sharing my frustration with my best friend, I got my motivation back, my dream was reignited, together we came up with ways of getting the money and we eventually did. I went to music school and graduated as one of the top ten students on my course because I found someone to encourage me.

Who are your encourages?

Write down a list of 3 people you can go to whenever you get discouraged.

2. Remember your past successes.

Whenever you get discouraged, remember your past successes, remembering the successes of the past is a great self help motivation technique. It helps you to start to tell yourself "if I have succeeded before, I will succeed again"

I used this particular self help motivation technique of remembering my past successes recently when I was getting discouraged about my websites. My websites went through a bad patch when google introduced the google panda algorithm which affected the traffic on my website. I started receiving less than half of the visitors I would normally receive on my website and that affected my earnings as well because no visitors mean no money.

I felt like giving up I was really discouraged, i felt like google had destroyed all my hard-work, but then I remembered my past successes, the people my websites have helped, how I went from having no visitors to getting hundreds of visitors, how I went from knowing nothing to making money online. This gave me back my motivation, I had succeeded before and I will succeed again, I wasn't going to let google panda keep me down.

It worked, I am now getting more visitors a day and making more money per day than I did before google introduced the panda algorithm.

Never give up in the face of setbacks, remember your past successes and use them as motivation to keep pressing forward.

3. Turn to God in prayer. I believe in prayer, I believe in seeking God for divine help and intervention. When things get too much for me to bare, I turn to God in prayer, I cast all my cares, worries and anxieties on him and my faith in him keeps me going. If you've never tried prayer I sincerely encourage you to reach out to God, help will come from him. It's great to apply self help motivation techniques but sometimes you just need Gods help and motivation.

4. Find strength in Gods word. I get tremendous strength from the bible, I know not everyone reading this believes in the bible, but for me the bible is a great source of strength, I remind myself of what the word of God (the bible) says about me.

That I can do all things through Gods strength in me
That I should be anxious for nothing, but to brings all my requests to him
That I am the head and not the tail, above and not beneath
That God will supply all by needs
That all things will work out for my good

I remember all these things that God promises me through his word in the bible and his words give me the courage and strength to carry on. I find encouragement in what God says about me and it keeps me going, it keeps me motivated.

5. I talk to myself, yes it's a sign of madness but I do it anyways! I speak encouraging words to myself, it's called positive self talk. I learnt positive self talk as a self help motivation technique on a personal development course I went on sometime ago.

I tell myself not to give up
I tell myself it is going to be alright
I tell myself that I'm going to make it
I tell myself that I can do it
I tell myself that I will achieve

By doing that I get rid of all the negative thoughts that want to keep me discouraged. The voice of discouragement in your head that wants to make you quit can be shut down by talking to yourself using the positive self talk motivation technique.

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