How to Find Happiness in Life

how to find happiness

This section of the website is all about how to find happiness, all our efforts to build our self esteem, improve ourselves, help ourselves, all our personal development efforts etc are ultimately about achieving happiness, we all want to be happy.

The reason we go on this journey of self improvement and personal development is because we believe that as we grow as individuals and make the necessary changes that are holding us back we will eventually achieve happiness, its all about how to find happiness.

So in this section I have put together a series of articles on how to achieve happiness, I will share with you some advice and tips on how you can find joy and happiness from within, not based on the things you acquire, but real happiness that comes from inside you, so that whether you have or whether you don't have, you will still be happy.

If your happiness is based on external things like money, qualifications, your business, your job, your spouse or partner, your car, your house etc, it means that the moment you cease to have those things in your life, you will also lose your happiness.

It is possible to be happy despite all also things because true happiness comes from inside, material things make you happy for a while but their novelty soon wears off and you discover that they never really fulfil you or satisfy you, so you are always buying more things, or trying to acquire more wealth, qualifications etc just to have that sense of happiness.

True happiness comes from within, it's not based on what you have but knowing who you are and that is what I hope to help you achieve with this section of the website, here you will discover the secrets, tips and advice on how to find happiness that comes from within, the kind of happiness that stays with you regardless of the circumstances you might find yourself in.

6 Quick Tips on How to Find Happiness

1. Recognise your value as a person who God created in a Unique and special way. There is nobody else like you in the world, of the 7 billion people on this planet no one shares your finger print, that goes to show that God created you as unique original not a copy, God thought about you and put his best into you. When your value and confidence comes from that knowledge, your happiness will flow from within.

2. Be yourself. You will find tremendous joy and happiness in being yourself. So many people are living their lives trying to be like other people. Be yourself, God created you to be an original not a copy, be you and stay true to you. You will find happiness by being you.

3. Don't compare yourself to other people. Nothing will make you unhappy quicker than comparing yourself to other people, you will depress yourself when you think about all the things they have that you don't. Be content with who you are and what you have as you strive to accomplish the things you want from life.

4. Don't live to impress people. When you live to impress people you spend all you efforts trying to make other people happy to the detriment of your own happiness. define what makes you happy and live for that.

5. Don't hold on to offences and grievances. Learn to forgive and release people, holding onto the offences and hurts people have caused you will lead to bitterness and unhappiness.

6. Discover your passion and live it. True joy and fulfilment comes from discovering your passion and living your passion. In the short term you might need to work to make money and make ends meet, but in the long term what will bring you joy and happiness is when you begin to make a living doing what you love. Find something you love doing and find a way to get paid for it. Many people hate their jobs and dread going to work, they hate waking up in the morning because their job has become a source of stress. One of the keys to happiness is having a job that not only pays the bills but one that you also enjoy and brings you fulfilment.

That's how to find happiness.

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