The Secret to Happiness and Personal Fulfilment

the secret to happiness

The secret to happiness and personal fulfilment is discovering and practically living out your life's purpose. Happiness begins when you discover why it is that God has placed you here on planet earth and you actually begin to actualise Gods purpose and intention for your life. Nothing else will satisfy you, nothing else will fulfil you, nothing else will make you happy.

That's why you find that you start one thing, drop it, start something else that's seems like a great idea then you drop that too and it goes on and on. Think back to the tons of projects you've started in the past that you never followed through on, you started them because you were on the search (consciously or unconsciously) for that thing that will satisfy you, fulfil you and make you happy. When you discovered that what you were working on or doing wasn't "it" you quit and continued your search.

Don't beat up on yourself for quitting on stuff, people like to make us feel bad that we quit, well maybe giving up was a sign that you were doing the wrong thing. They often attribute giving up to lack of discipline or lack of will power, or lack of commitment and drive etc, but for me that's not necessarily the case. For me it's because you are on the search for that thing that will fulfil you and make you happy, you thought you had found it in what you were doing but when you discovered (or finally admitted to yourself) that it wasn't your true passion/purpose/calling - you got real and honest with yourself gave up on what was never you in the first place and continued searching for that thing that God created you to do.

The secret to happiness is discovering your true purpose, when you discover it, almost like magic you develop the tenacity, determination, commitment, discipline and all the other qualities that you seemed to have lacked in the past. The truth is, you always had those qualities but you were just applying it to the wrong thing, that's why it never worked out.

There is another secret however, well it's not really a secret anymore because I already gave it away. You won't find your purpose until God reveals it to you. So if you want to save yourself the starting and stopping, abandoning ideas, dreams, projects, trial and error, then go to God.

Only the person that created the product knows what it's supposed to do. The person that invented the thing knows how it's supposed to function. The thing cannot decided for itself that this is what I was created for.

Just because you are round in shape and belong on a car doesn't make you the tyre, you could be the steering wheel, but you might end up trying to be a tyre and end up frustrated, dissatisfied and unhappy because you didn't go to the manufacturer.

Many people pluck their vision out of the sky based on what others are doing - this is simply ambition.

When God reveals your true purpose to you it becomes vision, which isn't based on stepping on others or trying to outdo others but just striving to accomplish the purpose of your existence. You can therefore do so with satisfaction and peace of mind and spirit, knowing that it's not about competition on backbiting, and deceiving, and all the other negative things that people often do - going to any lengths humanly possible either good or bad to fulfil their selfish ambition, which ultimately leaves you dissatisfied and unfulfilled anyway with your conscience seared in the process and you feeling like rubbish inside because of all the negative thing you had to do to get where you are (even if you do end up with billions in assets.)

The secret to happiness is discovering your God given vision. That's the only thing that will bring you true fulfilment, even when things are challenging and you encounter obstacles, you will still have joy, hope and confidence knowing that you are doing what you are supposed to with your life and that knowledge gives you the strength to keep persevering.

In fact the secret to happiness is to make sure that you are in the centre of God will for every area of your life, be it career, relationships, business, education etc. if your steps are being directed by God, your life will be happy and fulfilling.

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