Take our self esteem curriculum and graduate with a healthy self esteem

self esteem curriculum

Take yourself through our self esteem curriculum or use it to coach others on how to build their self esteem.

In the curriculum, we compiled 8 essential and practical topics that are crucial in building a positive self esteem, each topic comes with practical exercises and activities that you need to complete so that as you are learning the concepts and theories you are also putting them into practice.

The topics covered in the self esteem curriculum include:

1. Understanding what self esteem is and the factors that affect your self esteem.

2. Your concept of success and how it affects your self esteem.

3. The role of Habits in the development of self esteem.

4. How Attitudes are formed and how our attitude affects the way we see ourselves.

5. How to respond to set backs without developing low self esteem.

6. The power of having a vision and its impact on your self confidence.

7. The importance of setting goals and achieving them in boosting your self belief.

8. How to receive and respond to negative feedback so that it doesn't damage your self confidence.

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We are sure that taking our curriculum will definitely transform the way you feel about yourself. It will make you more confident and inspire you to reach for your dreams. Once you begin to see results, make sure you write us to let us know. Use the contact form on our contact us page to write us and tell us how this curriculum (and this website as a whole) has changed your life.

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