Great Tips That Will Help Low Self Esteem Leave Your Life For Good

help low self esteem

1. You can help low self esteem leave your life by releasing the negative experiences of the past. Whether it's the experience of abuse, or failure, or any other life experience that has had a significant impact on the way you feel about yourself, you must release those experiences to regain your self esteem. You can release them through meditation and/or prayer.

To meditate means "to constantly think about and ponder on". Low self esteem believe or not came by meditation, by constantly thinking about the negative things you felt about yourself. You can help low self esteem to exit your life by meditating on good things about yourself constantly thinking about good and positive things.

Here are some guidelines I found in the bible on the kind of things you should meditate on:

"Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise" - Philippians 4:8

Those past experiences and events can leave you feeling filthy and dirty, they can make you become bitter and angry and if you want to be happy and fulfilled in life and feel good and positive about yourself then you must release those experiences and forgive those that have hurt you.

2. Don't associate your worth with the evil that people have done to you. If you associate your worth with the wrong people have done to you, it will leave you feeling like you aren't worth much. But you are not to blame for the evil or wrong they did to you, they were the one with the problem not you, just because they didn't recognise your value and worth and as a result treated you cruelly, doesn't mean you aren't a person of value and worth and doesn't mean that you deserved to be treated cruelly.

3. Find someone you can open up to and voice your insecurities and hurts, and the issues you have that make you feel unworthy. Healing starts when we start to talk about the things that are affecting us, when we internalise our problems or live in denial, we will continue to live under the weight of those problems. You can help low self esteem leave your life and find healing for those areas of insecurities and hurts by finding someone to talk to, someone you can be honest and open with. You will find that as you talk about it and open up about it, you will begin to heal.

4. You can also help low self esteem leave your life by surrounding yourself with people that will encourage you, people that will love you and bring about the best in you, people who see beyond your insecurities and low self esteem and see your true qualities and potential and push you towards fulfilling the potential they see in you.

Get away from those that put you down, those that only criticise you, those whose words don't build you. Surround yourself with people that see the champion in you, the beauty in you. Through their encouragement you can begin to see the real qualities that lie inside of you, your true inner beauty, and as that happens you will begin to regain your self esteem and confidence.

5. You can also help low self esteem leave your life by realising that the negative thoughts you have about yourself are false. You are a person of unlimited potential and ability and you are beautiful because everything and everyone God made is beautiful, I like the way the bible puts it, "you are wonderfully made" - Psalm 139:14

Those negative thoughts are not a correct reflection of who you are, those negative thoughts are not the truth. I think back to some of the negative thoughts I used to have about myself, one of them being that "no woman would ever want to marry me with these bumps on my scalp" that thought was completely false because I am married today and most of those negative thoughts you are having that are making you feel bad are also false.

Help Low Self Esteem Leave Your Life for Good by Evicting The Low Self Esteem Alien.

help low self esteem

Low self esteem is an unwanted stranger and If you want to help Iow self esteem to leave your life, then you must begin to see low self esteem as an alien, a stranger that forced its way into your life and has no right to be there. It's time to evict that alien.

One of the reasons people remain under the grip of lack of self esteem is because they have associated the lack of self esteem with themselves and it has become part of their identity. That identity might look or sound like the following:

I am not confident

I am not pretty

I am not smart

I am incapable

And so on...

They have attached those negative attributes to themselves and that is a huge error. Those negative attributes are not a true reflection of your identity, that negative reflection you see in the mirror is not you, it is that alien called low self esteem trying to play a trick on your mind to confuse you so that you begin to think that the person you look at in the mirror, that you are unhappy with is the real you, and the alien does this because it needs a place to stay and as long as you keep confusing yourself with the alien, then that alien will continue to live inside of you.

An example of this would be a young girl who has an eating disorder and is now anorexic because the low self esteem alien inside her tricks her mind to make her look and feel ugly and fat when she look in the mirror when really she is beautiful. As long as she keeps confusing that alien for herself she will continue to starve herself till the point of death.

That low self esteem alien is responsible for the negative words that you hear in your head, it is responsible for the image you see in the mirror that you are unhappy with and if you want to get rid of those negative thoughts and love that image you see in the mirror then you have to get rid of that alien.

For more great tips and help for low self esteem, check out the Ultimate Self Esteem Formula.

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