One of The Best Advice on How To Build Self Esteem is...

how to build self esteem

One of the best tips I can give anyone on how to build self esteem is to be a giver and BE SOMEONE WHO SERVES OTHERS.

How does being a giver and serving others help you build self esteem?

you may ask...

Nothing makes you more proud of yourself than knowing that you are making a positive difference in the lives of other people.

A lot of times, the reason people develop low self esteem is because they are too focused on themselves, their needs and what they don't yet have. When you shift the focus away from yourself and begin to look for ways to helps others, you will begin to find fulfilment in life and you will get tremendous pleasure from helping other people.

You will discover that the more you give to people, the more you serve people, the more you help people, the better you'll feel about yourself and the more your self esteem will grow, and that's why when someone asks me how to build self esteem, one of the key things I tell them to do is find ways to serve people and be of help to people.

When I discovered this method of how to build self esteem by giving and serving people, I personally started to implement it and I began to look for ways to serve people.

I began to serve people with my talents, I knew how to play the drums and I began teaching younger guys who looked up to me how to play the drums as well. One day one of them bought me a card that said "Best Teacher in The World". That gift from him not only boosted my self esteem and made me proud and feel appreciated, it also made me realise the importance of giving back and serving others with what you know. You might think what you are giving them or what you know isn't much, but you'll be surprised how much they will value it when you begin to serve it.

My wife and I also started to serve our knowledge of the bible by starting a bible study in our house. Friends would come over for the bible study and we would share with them our knowledge of the bible. To our surprise, one day while clearing up the house after the bible study, one of our friends had left a surprise gift and a card for my wife and I on the table to thank us and tell us the tremendous difference what we were teaching her had made in her life.

I nearly came to tears because I was so touched. It made us feel so good about ourselves and it made us want to give more. It was a great self esteem booster, because being appreciated makes you feel valued, it makes you feel like a person of worth and when you have those feelings of being someone valuable and worthy, it really does improve your self esteem.

You cannot begin to imagine how your self esteem and confidence will grow as you begin to serve others, with your gifts, talents, and knowledge.


Make a list of your skills, talents, and things you are knowledgeable about and think about how you can serve people with these qualities that you have. Then go out and begin to make a difference in people's lives with your skills, talents and knowledge and watch how your self esteem transforms as people begin to appreciate the impact you are having on their lives.

How To Build Self Esteem With Site Build It.

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