How Maslows Hierarchy of Needs Can Help Us Understand and Overcome Lack of Self Esteem

lack of self esteem

Lack of self esteem can occur when our basic human needs are not met. According to Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of needs, some of these basic human needs include:

Security and safety - this can include financial security, and safety from unemployment and loss of income.

Love and a sense of belonging - this can include belonging to a community or group where you feel loved and supported and involved i.e. team, religious community, family etc

Self esteem and recognition - this includes feeling a sense of achievement and success and being recognised and praised by people around us

Self actualisation - this includes fulfilling one's potential and reaching a point of personal growth and self fulfilment.

When we understand these basic needs and their importance, it makes it easier for us to understand why people can develop lack of self esteem.

It is very important to also understand that what Maslow's identified were human 'needs' not 'wants', these are not 'nice to have's' they are essential for us to feel whole, complete and healthy as individuals. We need them like we need oxygen.

It is when we don't have that sense of security, when we feel vulnerable and helpless, and when we don't feel loved or feel like we belong, and when we don't have that sense of achievement and success that helps us gain the recognition of others and when we don't have that feeling of self actualization and the realisation of our full potential, when all these needs are missing in our lives we will ultimately develop lack of self esteem.

What Can You Do If You Have Lack of Self Esteem As a Result of Not Having Some of These Basic Needs Met.

After giving you the theory, I also want to give you something practical that will help you meet all these identified needs in your personal life.

I want to share with you something that has helped me to meet all these basic needs in my own personal life. Something that transformed my life and gave me that sense of financial security, that sense of being loved and belonging, that sense of self esteem derived from achieving and being recognised for your achievement and that sense of self actualization and the fulfilment that comes with knowing that I'm realising my potential.

Site Build It is the tool that has allowed me to meet all these basic needs in my life.

What is Site Build It and How Does It Help You meet All these Basic Human Needs?

Site Build It is an online company that helps you to turn your knowledge, experience, skills, passion, expertise and hobbies into a profitable online business.

With Site Build It, you can create a website (without even needing to have the technical knowledge of how to create a website because they have easy tools that anyone can use) on anything you are passionate about. It can be parenting, relationships, cars, computers, skills gained from work like customer service or selling, project management, anything.

Through that website you will be sharing your knowledge and experience with thousands of people around the world, site build it helps you build up your website so that you get thousands of visits a day and they also show you various ways to make money from your website.

How Site Build It Helps Me Meet Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

I have 2 site build it sites and this is how they helped me get rid of lack of self esteem and meet all of the human needs identified by Abraham Maslow.

Security - through my websites I make money and as my website grows so does my income, I am well on my way to gaining financial security and will probably be able to retire earlier than the average person.

Love and a sense of belonging - because the website is on an area of passion and interest, you attract likeminded people, people who will visit the website regularly, read your articles and email you for advice, comment on your articles etc and before you know it you have created a community of people who love and appreciate what you do. It becomes almost like an online family.

Self esteem and recognition - Lack of self esteem disappears as visitors to your website begin to email you with testimonials on the impact the information on your website is having on their lives.

Before long you will be recognised as the go to person, the authority, "the expert" in that area. For me this has been one of the highlights of having my own websites, receiving testimonials from visitors to the site makes me feel like I've made a difference in someone's life and it gives me a sense of success and achievement knowing that I produced something that is having a great impact on people (thanks to site build it of course).

Self actualization - Not only have I overcome lack of self esteem, I am also at a point in my life where I feel like I am fulfilling my potential and making a difference in the world through my websites, I truly feel fulfilled.

When I started my Site Build It Journey, I didn't know that in the process I would be having all these needs met in my life, it was something that I discovered after reflecting on the impact using Site Build It has had on my life and how it has completely transformed every area of my life and I want to share that with as many people as possible so that they have the opportunity to do the same - You Included.

There are countless people who use site build that will tell you exactly the same thing and we are not a special group of people with special talents and capabilities, we are just everyday people who found something that helped us transform our lives and you can join that group of people as well.

Throughout this site you will hear me talk about site build it, and that's because I believe in it so much and I also believe in paying things forward, and I know that there are people who will visit this site who are looking for that catalyst that will help them transform their lives and Site Built It could just be that catalyst.

So now that you understand the relationship between lack of self esteem and Maslow's hierarchy of needs and now that you also know about site built it - a tool that can help you meet all those needs, I recommend taking a closer look at site build it to see if it would be right for you.

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