Rise to Greater Achievements With The Stretch Personal Self Improvement Program


The objectives of the STRETCH personal self improvement program are to:

1. Reinforce personal development principles we are probably already aware of or introduce them to us if we are not yet aware of them

2. Find inspiration to reach for greater heights both in our personal and professional lives.

3. Develop a better, more positive attitude towards life and work.

What does it mean to stretch?

"To stretch is to reach for greater heights, push yourself a little further, and go beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone"
- Paul Ogunkoya

STRETCH stand for...

S et Goals
T raining
R esponsibility
E xcellence
T ime management
C hange
H unger

Why set goals?

The first principle for personal self improvement is to set goals for yourself.

A destination undefined is a destination unreached. - Paul Ogunkoya

Goals bring a sense of purpose
By nature we like conquests and achievements
We like to have the feeling that we are making progress
We like to have the feeling that our lives and daily actions are meaningful
People often feel dissatisfied with life because this element of pursuit is missing - it is the absence of ambition.

Goals give us focus and clarity
People often fail because of broken focus "the best way to stop a man with a vision is to give him another one" - Mike Murdock
What you focus on is what you move towards
Without clarity we wonder around in the wilderness and make very little progress

What are your personal Goals/Vision?
What will make you stand out from other people within your field?
What is your strategy for maximising your personal potential to become the best you can be?

The purpose of Training

The second principle for personal self improvement is to Train.

Training refers to practice and learning new concepts and approaches.
Athletes train to stay on top of their game.
The moment you become relaxed in training you give your opponent an edge over you.
Training sharpens you.
Training stretches you and helps you to develop.
Training helps you to grow.
Training helps you to discover better ways of doing things.
The commitment to training will make us leaders in our fields.

What structures can you put in place to ensure that you are adequately trained and developing in the areas you wish to be successful?
How can you measure the effectiveness of the training you are receiving?

personal self improvement


The third principle for personal self improvement is to take Responsibility.

A key part of leadership is responsibility
Responsibility for one another - service to one another
May involve having to take on extra responsibilities just so that progress is made.
Responsibilities for our life and actions.
Not making excuses and blaming others for things that have gone wrong.
Recognising that if I'm not yet where I want to be, then maybe it's my fault.

"Its your life, your responsibility, no more excuses, make things happen" - Jackson Ogunyemi

List at least 5 areas of your life that you need to be more responsible.


The fourth principle for personal self improvement is to strive for Excellence.

Excellence is...

Doing everything to the best of your ability.
Looking at yesterdays success and failures and looking for ways to improve upon them.
Developing a mindset that there is always room for improvement.
Giving the best level of service even in the face of challenges.
Discontentment with average and mediocrity.
Going above and beyond the call of duty.
Making what we do stand out - leaving very little room for criticism.

List 5 ways that you can make yourself, your job role or business more excellent.
How can you better utilise the resources around you to excel at the things you do?

Time Management

The fifth principle for personal self improvement is Time Management.

One thing that we all get an equal share of is time.
How we use our 24hrs determines how productive our life and work will be.
Time is like money - you must spend and manage it wisely.
Time lost or wasted is irretrievable.
Whatever you don't have, you have been unwilling to exchange your time for.
You must guard you time against time stealers and time wasters.
Give your time and attention to the things that move you closer to your goals.

How can we make better use of our Time.
List 5 activities that steal your time.
How can the time retrieved from the activities listed be put to better use?


The sixth principle for personal self improvement is Change.

If something isn't working, don't complain about it, change it.
A sign of madness is when you repeatedly do something the same way and expect a different result.
If you are unhappy with where you are, it's up to you to make the necessary changes to get you to where you want to be.
Learn to embrace positive change, because the only thing that is constant in life is change.
Change negative attitudes/mindsets and negative habits.

What areas of your life are not presently working that you might need to change?
What solutions can you bring to create positive changes to these areas?


The seventh principle for personal self improvement is Hunger.

Hunger refers to the drive, desire, and determination it takes to reach your goals.
Many have goals, but lack the discipline. Lack of discipline is evidence that there isn't yet enough hunger or motivation for change.
A big part of the hunger is having the determination and focus to overcome obstacles and challenges.
Hunger motivates you to take action.
The actions you take, ultimately decides the results you get.

Take a few minutes to reflect... can you honestly say that you are hugry enough to do whatever it takes to get to where you want to be?

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