Featuring The Best Self Esteem Builders in the Business

I want to use this page to feature some of the best self esteem builders in the field; these are people that really inspire me. These are experts in the area of self esteem building and personal development, whose work have had a tremendous impact not just on my life but on the lives of many around the world.

I will be interviewing them and asking them to share with you vital nuggets of wisdom that will help you on your journey to developing a healthy and positive self esteem.

Our Favourite Self Esteem Builders

Jackson Ogunyemi (fondly known as 'Action Jackson')

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Action Jackson has helped many people to tear off the shackles of low self esteem and lack of self confidence so that they can Live Their Dreams. He helps people to believe in themselves and their ability to achieve success in any area of their life.

He is a life coach and an acclaimed speaker and has worked with a vast range of people, from management teams of major corporations and individuals from all walks of life to school and college students.

Below is the Exclusive video interview with Action Jackson

A clip of Action Jackson Teaching on How to Live Your Dreams

Action Jackson's Live Your Dreams program is one that I definitely endorse, I have taken the program myself and I find it to be a great tool that aids your personal development and gives you the steps you need to turn your goals and dreams into a reality. It will also help you to have more confidence and self belief.

What I really love about Action Jackson apart from the content and great information he delivers is his delivery style, he is very real, practical and entertaining - he gets you to take action and doesn't just bore you with endless talking and theory (I guess that's why they call him Action Jackson) and that's why he is one of my personal favourite self esteem builders.

Action Jackson's Live Your Dreams Program

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Live Your Dreams Program

The program comes in the form of 4 DVD's and a workbook to help you put into practice the information being shared on the DVD.

If you are interested in getting Action Jackson's 'Live Your Dreams' program you can do so by placing your order through this page, just click on the buy now button below and you can order it securely through PayPal.

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