Two Excellent Self Esteem Building Activities


self esteem building activities

One of the self esteem building activities I enjoy doing is the "Changing My Self Talk" exercise.

How to do the Changing My Self Talk exercise.

1. Grab a note book or a piece of paper and a pen

2. Make 2 columns on the paper by drawing a line down the middle of the sheet.

3. Give the left hand side the heading "Bad self talk" and give the right hand side the head "Change to good self talk"

4. On the left hand side with the heading "bad self talk" make a list of all the bad self talk you engage in and the negative things you say about yourself. For example "I'll never be able to get a good job" (list as many as possible)

5. On the right hand side write a new self talk that you would like to change the negative one to. So continuing with the example above, if you had "I'll never be able to get a good job" on the "bad self talk side" on the "Change to good self talk side" you would have "I can get a great Job"

6. Now every time you find yourself in the bad self talk mode, whenever you are felling low and beginning to sink into thinking negatively, immediately replace that bad self talk with its corresponding good self talk that you wrote down and keep repeating the good self talk either internally or out loud (if you are in a quiet place where no one will think you're crazy!) until you begin to feel energized and positive again.

Try it! Like I said earlier, this is one of the self esteem building activities that I enjoy doing and I actually do this one regularly, now I naturally catch myself when negative thoughts begin to creep up on me and I immediately change it before it gets a chance to really sink in and put me in a bad or sad mood.

Click here to download the worksheets for these exercises


Doing the "I Reject It" exercise

Another of the self esteem building activities I do regularly that I want to share with you, which is a simpler version of the one above is the I REJECT IT approach.

As soon as you say or think something negative about yourself, as quickly as you can, tell yourself "I REJECT IT" and say something positive instead.

So for example...

If you've been thinking or saying to yourself "why is my life so messed up" as soon as that thought creeps up on you, immediately say:


Then say something positive to replace the negative like:

"My life is great and wonderful, I am so blessed"

Saying "I reject it" defends you from accepting that negative thought or belief - but you must reject it with conviction!

Always remember that your thoughts and the things you say about yourself affect you and control how you behave, these self esteem building activities especially these ones on "changing my self talk" and "I reject it", give you a defence against negative thoughts and beliefs. The more you do and practice these self esteem building activities, the more the negative things you believe about yourself will begin to change.

Click here to download the worksheets for these exercises

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