Self Esteem Improvement Exercise - R.I.P My Problems

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With this self esteem improvement exercise, I'm going to show you how to deal with those problems in your life that seem to be a hindrance to where you really want to be.

One of the things that can lead to low self esteem and even depression in someone's life is when the reality they are experiencing doesn't match their ideal life. In fact I can even go as far as saying that this is the root cause of low self esteem. It is when our present circumstances don't match our ideal circumstances that we begin to feel not so great about ourselves.

For example

If your ideal life is to be financially free but your present reality is that you are still broke and in debt, chances are that you won't be happy with your life and where you are because it doesn't fit that picture in your mind of where you'd like to be and usually, this has a knock on effect on your self esteem and confidence because until you get that area of your life sorted out, you will continue to have insecurities in the area of finance, especially when you are around people who are doing well financially.

This self esteem improvement exercise is designed to help you begin to identify and solve those problems in your life, that have become a hindrance to your ideal life or stopping you from being able to achieve your ideal life.

Use this powerful self esteem improvement exercise to think through on paper, the best way to move forward and rid yourself of these hindrances, because there cannot be progress until you've identified what the problems are and how you are going to solve it.

Knowing the problem alone isn't enough; you have to have a strategy for getting out of it and guess what? Moaning and complaining and crying about it is not a strategy for getting out.

If your present circumstances don't match your ideal and its getting you down and making you unhappy with your life then you need to find a way to get to where you want to be and that's what this exercise will help you to do.

It is important that as you are doing this self esteem improvement exercise that you get your ideas down on paper, by doing this, you will release the creative ability of your mind to solve and find solutions to problems.

You must get out of that mode of thinking where you feel your life isn't the way you want it to be and there's nothing you can do about it, there is something you can do about it, you are not powerless, you can be in control and that happens by focusing on the possible solutions instead of the problem. You must become solution minded not problem minded.

Here's how to do the exercise

1. Grab a piece of paper or a note pad and pen

2. Write down the problem that seems to be getting in the way of you having the kind of life you really want

For example

I don't have enough money

3. Now write down the things that caused the problem

For example

Impulse spending

Borrowing too much in the form of credit cards and loans

4. Now write down the possible solutions to solve the problem (if you can't think of any, find a mentor or an expert in that area who can advice you)

5. Out of the possible solutions, pick one that will work best for you.

6. Now go and execute that solution until you get the results you want.

7. Repeat this for all the problems you are experiencing.

I used this particular self esteem improvement exercise at a time when I was in really bad financial state (that's why I used the not having any money example) I wasn't managing my money very well and personal loans and credit cards got me in a lot of trouble to the point where I knew I was in a financial mess but felt powerless to change the situation and I felt like rubbish because of it, it used to really get me down.

Doing this exercise (6 years ago) changed everything for me, instead of focusing on the problem I started looking for solutions on how to change things so that I can have my ideal financial situation (which was to be debt free) 6 years later, I have paid off all the loans and credit cards - I am debt free and it feels great.

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