Self Esteem Lesson Worksheet on Listing Your Wins in Life

Download and print out the "List Your Wins" worksheet below, but also read the self esteem lesson I gave on how to do the List Your Wins exercise so that you can understand the importance and purpose of remembering the victories and successes you have had in the past and the role that plays in developing a good and positive self esteem.

We as people often fall into the trap of focusing on our failures or the things that haven't yet happened and the goals that haven't yet been achieved, and we can make the mistake of focusing so much on our failures and mistakes that we forget that we have actually succeeded before. When things aren't going well for us in life, we wallow in it for so long that we can almost start to believe that nothing has ever gone right for us and we beat ourselves up so badly that we begin to feel like failures, when all we need is a change of focus.

In the self esteem lesson and exercise I gave about Listing your wins in life, I talked about how remembering your past successes can help you to begin to reignite within you self belief and self confidence and as a result raise your self esteem. This List Your Wins worksheet compliments that lesson. So read the List Your Wins in Life Lesson again and use this worksheet to help you carry out the exercise.

I recommend reading the List Your Wins in Life page to fully understand how to do this exercise, then use the worksheet to complete the exercise.


List Your Wins In Life Worksheet (right click the link and select "Save Link As" or "Save Target As" to download)

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