Self Esteem Testing - What is it? What are the benefits of doing them? Which ones are best?

What is self esteem testing

Testing self esteem involves using tools like the Rosenberg self esteem scale or the Sorensen self-esteem test to measure a person's level of self esteem.

What are the benefits of Testing Self Esteem?

Doing self esteem tests help you to determine whether you have a healthy or low self esteem, it is always a good place to start when embarking on the journey of personal development because unless you have a positive self esteem many of the personal development techniques you come across might not work.

Having a poor self esteem will be a barrier to personal development, self fulfilment and self growth. Often when people feel frustrated with life and are unable to achieve some of their goals, doing a self esteem test will often reveal that the root cause is low self esteem.

Once a person is able to then develop their self esteem, they stand a better chance of succeeding and having a more fulfilling life.

History of Testing Self Esteem

Morris Rosenberg is one of the first people to contribute to the testing of self esteem, he developed the popular self esteem scale in 1965 and Rosenberg's self esteem scale is still widely used in testing and measuring people's self esteem even till today.

Rosenberg through his research came to the conclusion that our self esteem is the way we feel about ourselves and our attitude towards ourselves and that those can either be positive or negative. He also studied how social structures impact our self esteem and concluded that our self esteem is often shaped by influences from family, society, culture, and relationships.

Before Rosenberg, other people like William James had done research around the issue of self esteem and discovered that there was a strong link between having a positive self esteem and succeeding in life.

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