The Self Esteem Training Course is My Gift to You

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As my way of appreciating the time you've spent on my website, I would like to give you my free self esteem training course.

Many people have asked me why I give this course away for free because of how good it is and how helpful it's been to so many people. I put a lot of work into it and sometimes even I wonder why I'm giving it away for free!

But I believe in providing value and helping people, and I also understand that not everyone can afford the cost of some of the self esteem training that's out there, and that shouldn't be a barrier to them having access to the information.

I got an email recently from an Education Program Specialist in the Philippines, who is currently using my self esteem training in their workshop for people who have been jailed for various reasons. It touched me so much to know that this training will give someone hope as well as tools to turn their life around after leaving jail.

In my self esteem training course I cover 8 vital topics that are necessary to building a healthy self esteem. Each topic comes with exercises and activities to complete

The topics include:

Understanding the factors that affect self esteem
How to deal with negative feedback
The importance of developing good habits
How to deal with setbacks
And so much more

To get a copy of my self esteem training course simply subscribe to the mailing list and the training course titled: Self Esteem Curriculum will be sent to you via email completely free of charge. You are then free to use the training for your own personal development or even use it to train others.

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Aside from this self esteem training course, I also have a ton of content and information on this website on how to build a healthy self esteem. I encourage you to take a look around and check out some of the articles, worksheets, activities and exercises that you can use as resources for training yourself or the people you tutor on how to build a positive self esteem and self image.

I would also love to hear how the training has helped you, so I'll be looking forward to hearing back from you!

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