Being In Tony Robbins Session Was One of the Self Esteem Workshops that Transformed My Life

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If you are looking for a self esteem workshop that can give you lasting change in your life and help you completely turn around the negative feelings you have about yourself then you must absolutely attend a Tony Robbins workshop or at least get one of his amazing and life transforming programs.

What Tony Robbins gives you is more than a self esteem workshop, that would be a serious understatement; Tony Robbins will change your life!

Sounds like a bold and exaggerated statement but it is very true. I remember thinking Tony Robbins was this overhyped self help guy. My best friend was always talking about him and going to his seminars and workshops and talking about how great Tony was, and my response was always "yeah, whatever"

That was until I decided to go one of Tony's workshops myself when he came to London, I really went just to see what all the fuss about him was, but I left that workshop having a complete turnaround in my life and becoming a raving fan of Tony Robbins myself!

What Tony gives you is more than just a self esteem workshop, he teaches you and shows you how to turn around your life, how to change your emotional state and develop the energy and passion to live a happy life and make your dreams come true.

Tony can be a bit foul mouthed, that's probably the only issue I have with him, other than that, he is great at what he does.

I was in Tony's session for 6 solid hours and there wasn't a moment in that session where I was bored, he kept my attention for those 6 solid hours and he kept the energy up on his presentation for all those hours too, I didn't even notice that all those hours had gone by because my life was being transformed. He has this unbelievable ability to keep people engaged.

It was in Tony's workshop that I first discovered the formula for happiness, understanding that the key to happiness and a healthy self esteem is tied to my life conditions matching how I believe my life should be (which tony refers to as your blueprint)

If we are honest, one of the major reasons that people develop low self esteem and dont feel great about themselves is because their present condition doesn't match how they really want their life to be.

But you know what, we must appreciate where we are on the way to where we are going. One of the things I also discovered at Tony's workshop that helped my self esteem is that sometimes you have to move from expectation to appreciation, this doesn't mean lowering your expectations, it just means appreciating the gift of life while we are waiting for our expectations to become a reality.

Through attending the workshop I also learned how to change my emotional state and learned the triggers that put me in a peak state so that when I choose to I can always feel confident and perform at my best, something we can all do if we know our triggers.

Ultimately low self esteem and confidence is an emotional state, and those feelings of sadness and inadequacy have their root in the mind and once you know the triggers that control your thoughts and get you thinking and feeling positive, you can turn off low self esteem and lack of confidence in a heart beat. This one discovery alone has helped me so much.

Tony helps you understand how your mind works, so that you can always get yourself in the right frame of mind.

I realised that when I was in a negative emotional state, it wasn't because I didn't have the power to change it, it was because I was choosing to remain in that state but that I can trigger myself into a more positive state and Tony helped us to discover our individual triggers and that one thing has helped me a lot.

So if you are on the lookout for a self esteem workshop or a self improvement workshop then you should definitely get yourself into one of Tony Robbins sessions or get some of his programs.

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