10 Great Self Improvement Advice To Help You Achieve Your Ideal Life

self improvement advice

The following self improvement advice are some of the top advice that I have come across that are helping me get closer and closer to the ideal life I would like to have. I am sure that as you apply these advice to your life as well, you will begin to see great improvements in your life just like I have and you will start moving closer to where you want to be.

These are in no particular order by the way.

Self improvement advice number 1 - You've got to be willing to try things and go for opportunities, take a chance and go for it even if it means running the risk of getting it wrong. You have to be optimistic when opportunities come along. Many times we have a sceptical attitude and as a result miss out on great opportunities to better ourselves. Being optimistic and taking hold of opportunities is what led me to give Site Build It a try, When others were being sceptical, I gave it a shot and took the opportunity. It has turned out to be one of the greatest self improvement steps I've ever taken. If you don't know what Site Build It is, Click here to find out.

Self improvement advice number 2 - You must be willing to invest in knowledge, readers are leaders, you have to be willing to find and if need be, buy any information and resource that will help you get closer to your goal. Investing in knowledge might require you to buy a book, go on a workshop or seminar, take a course etc. Invest in your mind and your life will improve. The difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is usually information.

Self improvement advice number 3 - Surround yourself with the right people, people who challenge you and stretch you out of your comfort zone, people that inspire you to be the best. We are usually a sum total of the company we keep, so if you are not completely happy with who you are right now, it might be an indication that you need to change your circle. I'm not saying that you should kick your friends to the curb, but maybe its time to also get around people whose life and accomplishments challenge you to rise and be the best you can be. Those who make you feel uncomfortable with being comfortable and average.

Self improvement advice number 4 - You need a mentor, someone who has achieved what you are striving for, someone you look up to and can learn from, someone in whose footsteps you can follow.

A mentor is like a coach, and if you have ever had a coach, then you will know that your coach is not your friend, neither is your coach there to score points with you.

I remember my college basketball coach, he used to be so tough on us, he made us run suicides, he made us do push up and sits ups until our bodies were in agony, he pushed us hard, he made us uncomfortable, but not because he hated us, but because he was trying to bring out the best in us.

That's what a mentor does and that's why we all need mentors if we want to improve ourselves. Mentors will push you and stretch you until you become the best you can be.

Self improvement advice number 5 - You need to have a dream, a vision, a goal, a picture of your ideal life and future and what you want to achieve, something that you are aiming for and working towards on a daily basis. I kind of look at it this way - how can you improve your life if you don't have a picture of what that improved life looks like. Your vision is the picture your see in your mind of what an improved life looks like.

Self improvement advice number 6 - You need to believe in yourself especially when things get tough and you start feeling discouraged. You have to keep believing even when it seems like nothing is working. Keep working and keep believing and you will see results. You cannot improve yourself if deep down you don't believe that you can. Believing in yourself is what will keep you trying even when there is no other reason to.

Self improvement advice number 7 - Know what your gifts, talents and skills are and use them to make a positive impact in the lives of others. I believe that the gifts and natural abilities we have are supposed to be our contribution to the world and as we contribute them we improve ourselves and enter into our realm of significance. If you are a gifted writer, touch lives with your writing, if you are blessed with a good voice, touch lives with your voice, if you are artistic, touch lives with your art, if you are techie, change lives with your technical expertise. As you do that you will rise to a level of prosperity, prominence and significance that you can never imagine.

Self improvement advice number 8 - Give. Life is not just about acquiring and getting, it is about giving. Giving is an act of love, and the greatest way we can improve ourselves is to be a person that loves others in a practical way. Give to the needy, invest your time in the lives of others to help them realise their dreams and goals, give your time to a young person and help them to find purpose and direction in life. Helping others to improve will help you to improve.

Self improvement advice number 9 - Be willing to work hard and be patient enough to see your hard work come to fruition. Self improvement comes by hard work, a better life will not just fall into your laps, you have to work for it. It is not enough to dream, you must work. The bridge between having potential and fulfilling potential is work. Also be mindful that work can sometimes be like a seed. When you plant a seed today, you don't expect to see a plant tomorrow, it takes time and watering and then one day the plant shoots out. Working towards your ideal life will be the same, the results might not come straight away but if you keep at it with time you will see the fruits.

Self improvement advice number 10 - You Can't be afraid to fail. Don't be afraid to fail. The greatest enemy of your success is your fear of failure. Don't spend a whole year trying to make up your mind whether to go for something or not, don't plan and strategise and then when it comes to taking action you back off because you are afraid to fail. Whether you act or not, that year will come and go, time stops for nobody. Don't allow fear to make you lose another year where you have failed to reach for your dreams and goals.

Stop caring about what people think, stop worrying about what could go wrong, decide to do it, because by the time you're done worrying about what could go wrong and what people will think, you've already wasted valuable time that you could have used to work on your dreams to move you closer to where you want to be.

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