Read This Self Improvement Article and Discover Why It's Almost Impossible to Succeed Without a 'WHY' and a 'WHAT'

self improvement article

In this self improvement article, I want to share with you two of the greatest self improvement tips I have ever come across, and they are YOU NEED A 'WHY' AND A 'WHAT' TO SUCCEED.

The reason many people never achieve their dreams in life is because they don't have a good enough reason for why they want what they want so they never really go for it, or they go for it without conviction and when things get challenging or too difficult they quit because they never had a strong enough reason to keep them committed to the pursuit of their dream.

Until you have a compelling reason to improve your life you won't, Striving for your dreams will just remain on your subconscious list of things that would be nice to do but you will never do it until you have a 'why' until you are desperate, until you are sick and tired of where you are.

For some people their why is their children, they know they need to improve their life because they want to be able to provide a good life for their children, for others their why is knowing that they are capable of more and that they deserve better.

All of us won't have the same why, but we all need a why, your why becomes what motivates you to take action, your why becomes that thing that keeps driving you when you feel like giving up, if you are so determined to make a success of yourself for the sake of your family and loved one's then nothing will be able to hold you back.

That's one of the things that keeps me going in tough times, my family is my why, I am determined to improve myself and be the best I can be and achieve success for the sake of my family, so that I can give my children a good life, so that I can provide a level of security for my family, so that I can be a blessing to my parents, in-laws and siblings, that's what drives me to keep striving and never give up because if I give up then not only I'm I letting myself down, I will feel like I've let them down as well.

So what's your why, the chances are, if you've not been motivated and driven enough to pursue your dreams and achieve your full potential, it's because you don't have that why, that catalyst that makes you desperate to improve your life is missing.

You Need A What

Another thing I'd like to mention in this self improvement article is that once you have a 'Why' you will also need a 'What' you need to decide exactly what it is you want to achieve and what specific areas of your life you want to improve and how you will measure that improvement.

Many people just say they want to improve their lives but never really decide what they want, they say I want a better job but never define what that better job is, and they are not specific about what a better Job means to them.

To get what you want in life you must first decide exactly what it is you want, until you are specific about where you want to be then any destination will do.

If one of the areas you want to improve about yourself is your finances and you want to make more money, don't just say you want to make more money, decide how much more you want to make, have a specific figure you are aiming for so that you can measure how you are improving, the closer you get to that figure the more you've improved.

Don't Just say you want a better relationship, decide the specifics of that better relationship, WHAT does a better relationship mean to you i.e. more time together, more physical touch, more talking and being open to eachother about feelings etc.

Clarify the specifics of your 'WHAT' and you will be on your way to achieving it.

Once you have a 'why' a compelling reason to improve yourself and you have also decided exactly what you want, those two things on their own can be the fuel to take you to your desired destination.

I'd like to conclude this self improvement article by telling you how SBI helped me achieve my 'What' and how it can also help you

It wouldn't be right for me to conclude this self improvement article without telling you about how SBI helped me achieve my 'What'

Sometimes we have a 'what' but dont have the strategy to accomplish it. I have found a powerful tool in SBI that can help almost anyone achieve their 'what' and I'll never stop singing the praises of SBI.

One of the things I decided I wanted to do was to make a living doing what I love, which is teaching people how to build their self esteem and improve themselves.

Site Build It (SBI) gave me the 'HOW' - the strategy to make my 'WHAT' a reality. Through site build it, I learnt how I could turn my passion into a website that would produce an income for me and it has been one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things I have ever done.

Through this website I am able to do what I love by writing articles and proving resources that will help people build their self esteem and improve themselves and I make an income from advertising and products that I promote, and I was able to achieve all this using all the tools that SBI provides - it's nothing complicated, if you can send an email, you can use SBI and create a profitable website as well.

I recommend taking a closer look at SBI to see if it can help you accomplish your 'WHAT' as well.

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