Self Improvement Tips on How to Become Successful and Influential

self improvement tips

With these self improvement tips you will begin to move from where you are right now to where you want to be, these are tips that I have personally implemented that have drastically changed my life. If you put them to use and they'll do the same for you.

No matter how humble your beginnings are, no matter how deprived your background might have been, you have the ability to create a life of success and abundance and become a person of influence, regardless of the odds that seem to stand against you.

These self improvement tips are some of the most crucial secrets to success that you need to know. They will help you maximise your life.

1. Find your gift (your talent, your skill your passion), refine it, work on it, bring a uniqueness to it that makes you rare, master it (don't try to be good at everything, focus on that one thing and master it) and your value will increase.

Refining your gift will require you to invest in it. You have to invest in materials that help you to improve, you will have to turn off distractions like the television and invest your time working on improving yourself and your gift. Take some courses, buy some books, go to seminars to learn the skills that you need, then invest quality time and energy to put into practice the knowledge you've gained.

Having knowledge without using it is no better than ignorance.

Your gift right now is in it's raw state, like a diamond, it needs to be refined and polished so that the beauty and worth of it can come out.

The beauty of all this is that your gift is already within you, your success is already within you, the very thing that will make you rare and stand out is already within you, you don't have to go out to look for it, you just have to tap into it, refine it and release it.

2. Seek to become a person of value. - You become valuable when you discover and use your gifts, skills, qualities, talents and abilities to make a significant contribution to the world. You become significant when you develop, refine and serve your gifts to the world.

Value = Worth, the more rare a thing is, the more valuable it becomes and the more it is worth. That's why diamonds are so valuable and expensive because they are rare and are therefore worth more than costume jewellery.

What makes you rare? What do you have to offer that not many people have? What makes you valuable, what do you do better than others, what are you known for? If I say computers you'll say Bill Gates, if I say Basketball, you'll say Michael Jordan - what's your area of rarity, in what area have you made yourself rare, valuable and indispensible?

The less valuable you are, the less you earn. If you want to earn more, make yourself more valuable.

3. To become valuable and rare you have to specialise. For example, don't just play all musical instruments, pick one and make yourself stand out on that one instrument, I applied this principle when I was a musician and quickly became one of the most sort after drummers in the UK gospel music scene.

Understanding the power of becoming a person of value is one of the greatest self improvement tips for success.

4. Become a problem solver. This again is one of the most powerful self improvement tips. You get paid in proportion to the problems you solve, the bigger the problems you solve, the bigger your pay.

Specialists are problem solvers, for example dentists specialise in solving dental problems and get rewarded handsomely for the problems they solve.

You will be remembered in life for either the problems you helped to solve or the ones you created.

Solving problems can make you wealthy, the key is to find enough people to use your solution. What sets companies like Nike, Apple, and Microsoft apart is that they have lots of people using their solution.

5. The last but not the least of the self improvement tips I want to give you is to strive to become a person that serves what they have to others. The key to becoming successful isn't really to chase success and money but to serve, and serve as many people as possible.

Serve your knowledge.

Serve your skills.

Serve your ideas.

For example I am serving you through this website, serving you with information that will help you to create the kind of life you want, the more people I can serve with this website, the more successful this website becomes, the more successful this website becomes, the more valuable it becomes to advertisers who want to get in front of the people I am serving and the more I am able to make.

If you can find a way to serve enough people money will follow. Don't serve just to make money, serve because you really care because when you really care you will give value, and when you give value people will appreciate what you do and your fame will spread.

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