3 Real and Practical Tips on How to Improve Self Esteem

how to improve self esteem

1. Live life doing things that are fulfilling for you.

One of the greatest advice that was ever given to me on how to improve self esteem was to live life doing the things that you love, the things that you find fulfilling.

I have often heard the famous words by Malcolm S. Forbes quoted many times that "the biggest mistake people make in life is not making a living at doing what they enjoy most."

A lot of people struggle through life unfulfilled because they are not doing things that they find fulfilling, they work at a job they have no passion or motivation for, so there is no energy behind what they do, no love for what they do, they do it just to make money and pay bills but get no sense of purpose or fulfilment from it.

This is no way to live, your life is worth much more than just working to pay bills, you cannot afford to spend the better part of your life working to just pay bills, don't spend your whole life trying to make a living that you never really get to live. You must live your life doing the things that are meaningful and fulfilling for you otherwise what's the point?

You are too skilled, too talented, too gifted, and too full of potential to just settle for a job just because it pays the bills. You owe it to yourself to go for your dreams and live passionately doing what you love - don't let fear stop you, if you do, you will have more regrets down the line and feel even worse, wondering "what if" and thinking about what could have been. Why wait till you're retired before you start living, why put off your happiness until you're old when you can begin to live a fulfilling life now.

It's because people don't live life doing the things they love, the things they are passionate about, the things that carry purpose and meaning for them, that's why a lot of people are unhappy and frustrated with their life and many develop low self esteem as a result of the lack of fulfilment. They know they have so much to offer but feel like they are wasting their potential.

You want to wake up every morning excited about your life and what you do, it should be difficult for you to even go to bed at night because your mind is alive, buzzing and full of ideas and excitement because of what you do, that's the way to live and when you begin to live that way, doing the things that are fulfilling for you, your self esteem will grow - that's how to improve self esteem.

Action Point: List the things that you are passionate about, the things that energise you, the things you love doing, the things that give you a great sense of purpose and fulfilment when you do them.

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2. Dont focus too much on past failures - learn from them

The next point I'd like to make on how to improve self esteem is not to focus too much on your past failures. I don't know why people make such a big deal of failure and beat themselves up when they fail, when failure is part of the process to becoming competent.

Did you not first mess up before you got good at driving?

Did you not first fail before you succeeded at being able to walk?

Did you not first fail before you got good at swimming?

Did you not first fail before you could ride a bike properly?

Even when you have a natural flair for something and when you are naturally gifted at something, it takes practicing, failing and improving before you finally become competent at it.

The problem is that we live in a highly pressured world where you are expected never to fail and to just magically get things right at the first go, people are penalised for failure, rather than encouraged to learn from it and see the positives in failure, and as a result, we grow up being afraid to fail and feel bad for experiencing something that is natural that is supposed to help our personal development and growth.

You are not a bad person because you failed, you are not useless because you failed, you are not pathetic because you failed - YOU ARE NORMAL JUST LIKE EVERYBODY ON THIS PLANET WHO HAVE FAILED AT SOME POINT IN THEIR LIVES!

So you messed up in the past, big deal! Tell me one person who has never messed up and made a mistake before and I'll show you the world's greatest liar. Everybody fails on the way to success, failing really isn't the problem but how you interpret failure.

You can interpret failure as "Okay I've just learnt how not to do it, now let me find a better way to do it" or you can interpret it as "I'm such a failure, I always knew I was no good, I'm just going to give up and never bother with this again" See the difference? One person see' failure as an opportunity to improve, the other person see' themself as a failure and no good and gives up.

Action Point: Victory and success is often birthed out of failure, Thomas Edison failed several times before he finally had a working light bulb. What things have you given up on because you failed at the first attempt or first few attempts? What dreams have you given up on? GO BACK TO THEM - Learn from your past failures and use what you've learnt to improve and succeed. That's how to improve self esteem.

3. Set goals and achieve them - don't give up on things then regret it later

One of the greatest advice my mentor gave me on how to improve self esteem was to set goals for myself and never give up until I achieved those goals. My mentor would always tell me that "your determination will decide your destination" he told me that I had to become tenacious and cultivate a "never give up" spirit, because those where the qualities I would need to overcome the obstacles that will inevitably arise on my journey to fulfilling my goals.

Nothing boosts self esteem better than the joy and pride that comes with achieving a goal you have set yourself. It instils confidence in you; it makes you feel like an achiever. People with low self esteem are usually people that give up, people that don't follow through, people that quit before the finishing line, they give up on their dreams too soon, they quit on their goals too soon, they stay in their comfort zone and then are later full of regrets.

I guarantee you that one of the greatest things you will ever do to improve yourself esteem is not give up on your dreams and goals. No matter how tough the going gets, because when you finally achieve it, you will remember all the things you went through, the hurdles you had to scale, the mountains you had to climb, the battles you had to win, but despite all the challenges you faced on the journey, you did it, you accomplished it, you overcame, you won, you were victorious - that will make you feel so go and take your self esteem and confidence to another level. That's how to improve self esteem - I love saying that at the end of a point :)

And that concludes my advice on how to improve self esteem.

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