Tip on Overcoming Low Self Esteem Using The Power of Your Thoughts

overcoming low self esteem

When it comes to the issue of overcoming low self esteem, it is important to remember that this is an issue of the mind, ultimately it is the thoughts that are being processed in your mind that decide how you feel about yourself.

Low self esteem is the result of negative thoughts that we allow to run through our mind.

Thoughts are powerful; they have the ability to determine our emotions and our moods.

Almost everything in life starts as a thought.

Every business started as a thought.

Every invention started as a thought.

Everything around us started as a thought.

We can conclude then, that thoughts create things or thoughts become things.

Your thoughts ultimately become the reality you experience, it is a powerful mystery.

When it comes to the issue of self esteem, the same is also true, the way you feel about yourself, started as a thought and that thought has now manifested and become an image and perception you hold about yourself.

For example, someone that has low self esteem in the area of their physical appearance and the way they look, must have at one time entertained thoughts such as "I am not as attractive as other people" or "I am ugly" etc

Now the more they entertain those kinds of thoughts, the more they believe it, the more they believe it, the worse it makes them feel. They start to feel ugly and unattractive and lose their confidence and self esteem. This happens because your thoughts are directly linked to your emotions.

That's why when you think about something that excites you, you automatically start feeling good, a smile comes on your face, you feel happy, you don't even have to be doing that particular thing that excites you (and no I'm not talking about sex :o) but just the thought of it makes you feel good. That's the power of thoughts.

For example, think about your favourite ice-cream, picture it in your mind, imagine how good it tastes, how delicious it is, that sweet creamy flavour umm yum, yeah I can see you smiling right now and getting ready to go to the shop to get some ice cream. Just your thoughts alone created that feeling and as a result of that feeling you felt like taking the action to go to the shop to get some ice cream.

That whole process is very important to remember in overcoming low self esteem, because based on the ice-cream example, we discover that the thoughts created the feeling (craving for ice cream), and the feeling determined the action (going to the shop to get ice cream) and ultimately the action will determine the result (satisfying your craving).

Now let's relate that to overcoming low self esteem, if your thoughts about yourself are negative, it will generate negative feelings and those negative feelings will cause you to take negative actions, which will result in negative results, those negative results will again make you have negative thoughts which will result in negative feelings, which make you take negative actions and get negative results and the cycle of negativity continues. I talk more about this in the self esteem curriculum so make sure you subscribe to the mailing list to get a free copy of the curriculum.

The catalyst for this cycle is your thoughts.

Overcoming low self esteem is a matter of changing those negative thoughts you hold about yourself into positive ones.

When you are positive in your thoughts towards yourself, you will feel positive about yourself, as a result you will take positive actions which will result in positive results which will make you think even more positive and feel even more positive and make you take more positive actions etc.

This is how I've been able to overcome low self esteem, I had to begin to identify all the areas where I was thinking negatively about myself and replace those negative thoughts with positive ones.

An example of this is that I used to have this negative thought that nothing I did ever succeeded and this used to prevent me from trying new things, this thought came as a result of a few things that I had tried before that never worked out (I later realised that the reason they didn't work out was because I didn't stick with it long enough to see it work - as a result I wrongly concluded that I was just destined to fail)

So when the opportunity came along for me to start my own online business, I was initially negative about it, I had low self esteem and didn't believe I could make it work and was sure I was going to fail.

What helped me was that I began to read a lot of success stories of people, ordinary people who were succeeding, some of them weren't even as skilled as me in using computer technology, their stories inspired me and I started to think "what if I could succeed at this, what if I could make this online business thing work"

My thoughts began to change, I became more positive, I started to feel like I could succeed and I took action to start my first online business.

When I started it, it took a while before I saw any tangible results, I almost gave up and I almost allowed that negative "I always fail" voice to discourage me, but this time round, I decided that enough was enough and that I wasn't going to quit, I made a decision that I would stay positive and give this business at least 5 years of my effort before quitting.

The more I allowed myself to remain positive and not be discouraged the more motivated I became, gradually I started seeing results, I made my first sale online - I can't begin to express how good that made me feel, this online business thing was actually working and it was going to make me money!

The positive feeling I got from that first sale gave me more positive thoughts and feelings about my ability to succeed, and I carried on putting in the work. I am now at a point where my online businesses (I now have more than one) are generating income for me month after month and those feelings of "I always fail at everything" are long gone but the catalyst for that change was my thoughts, overcoming low self esteem started with my ability to change those negative thoughts.

I stated earlier that it was the success stories that I read that inspired me to start to think more positively about my ability to succeed, you too will have to get that inspiration, something that gives you just enough confidence and self belief to start thinking more positively.

Look for people who have achieved what it is you want to do and let their stories inspire you and change your negative thoughts - if they can do it, so can you.

If you want to lose weight find someone who has done it and let their story inspire you to change your thoughts so that you begin to believe you can achieve the same results as well.

If you want financial freedom and at present you are deeply in debt and you have lost your self esteem and confidence as a result of that, overcoming low self esteem in that area might require you to look for people who have overcome similar obstacles to the ones you are facing, draw inspiration from their story and allow it to inject confidence and belief into you.

Once you can change your thoughts you can change your life and circumstances.

Even when you make a conscious decision to think more positively, from time to time those negative thoughts will want to come back, especially in the times when results don't seem to be forth coming, at such times you need to remind yourself to not embrace those negative thoughts but always replace them with positive ones. There is a section in the self esteem curriculum where I deal with this, make sure you subscribe to the ezine to get your free copy of the self esteem curriculum

If you can manage those negative thoughts, then overcoming low self esteem will be a breeze.

For more great tips and advice on overcoming low self esteem, check out the Ultimate Self Esteem Formula by self esteem expert Dr Joe Rubino

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