Improve Your Self Confidence and Self Esteem With the Visualisation Exercise

self confidence and self esteem

One of the techniques I was taught that helped me improve my self confidence and self esteem was the visualisation exercise, it is an exercise that has helped me believe greatly in my ability and potential and the endless possibilities and opportunities around me.

There was a point in my life where I thought I didn't have much prospects and I really could not see a better future for myself, I resolved that I was destined to be average all my life and accepted that as my fate.

I didn't believe I was as talented, skilled, or smart like the people that where making great strides and achieving success. I had experienced setbacks and disappointments from goals and projects that I tried that didn't work. I felt I had wasted years and opportunities and that I could never get them back, so I accepted where I was and thought that would always be my life - Average, Unimportant, Nothing special. I greatly lacked self confidence and self esteem, especially as my peers seemed to be doing so well with their lives.

Can you identify with my story?

It's possible that you are reading this at a point in your life where you are not really happy with where you are in life, perhaps this might even be the reason why you don't feel so good about yourself and lack self confidence and self esteem.

Maybe you feel you have wasted years and opportunities and it seems like you are now stuck in a rut with no real future prospects. You've experience setback upon setback, disappointment upon disappointment and you've resolved that maybe this is the way things will always be for you, that you're just not one of those lucky people that things seem to work out for.

Visualising a better future can help you begin to change what you believe about yourself, it can help you begin to regain your self confidence and self esteem as you realise that a better future is possible if only you can conceive it in your minds eye.

This visualisation exercise is especially useful for you if as an individual you have stopped dreaming, if you have stopped believing that you can still achieve and fulfil your potential, if you've accepted where you are as your final destination and believe that you don't have what it takes you make progress and move forward with your life.

How To Do The Visualisation Exercise

1. Find a quiet place where you wont be disturbed

2. Put on some back ground music (Like a classical instrumental)

3. Close your eyes

4. Begin to visualise the kind of life you want.

5. Keep those images in your mind, feel what you see, accept and embrace what you see, believe what you see.

6. Now open your eyes.

7. Write down how you feel after doing this exercise.

Pointers on the kind of things you should visualise

See yourself in the perfect career

See yourself with the perfect spouse/partner

See yourself wealthy

See yourself healthy

See yourself in that house of your dreams

See yourself in that car of your dreams

See yourself in the kind of body you've always dreamt of having

See yourself enjoying life

See yourself having a good time with your family, on holiday

See yourself contributing to the progress of humanity

See yourself when you're old and reflecting on your life and your accomplishments and you are full of life and excited because you have lived a full life

Do this exercise daily, the more you do it, the more your self confidence and self esteem will be rebuilt and the more you will begin to believe that a better future is within your reach.

What I learned from doing the visualisation exercise (which you will also discover) is that if I can continue to visualise in my mind's eye a better future, then I can have a better future, as a result of that I began to feel better about myself, I felt my self confidence and self esteem being restored. What you don't envision, you cannot obtain and that's because you cannot create what you haven't seen.

Just like an artist first visualises the painting in his or her mind and then brings it into existence, you must also visualise the future you want to bring into existence. Once you see it in your mind you can achieve it and believe you can achieve it, even if you experience set backs and disappointments, Never Give Up, keep visualising and working towards it and you will actualise it.

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