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One of the greatest self esteem tips I was given on a personal development seminar I once attended, was to do The Life's Purpose Exercise.

I was told by the trainer that one of the best ways to improve your self esteem and self confidence is to be clear about why you are here on the earth and what your purpose in life is.

The reason many people have self esteem issues is because they haven't yet discovered the purpose of their lives, many do not even realise that there is a purpose to their lives. As a result they live life without any clear aim or direction; they don't really feel like their life is worth much or has any meaning.

I have discovered a lot of self esteem tips during the course of my study on the subject, but when I was introduced to the concept that I have a specific and unique purpose in life, that completely changed the way I saw myself and I began to place greater value on my life.

Through the concept of having a purpose for your life I realised that, there is something in me that no one else has and there is something I am supposed deposit into the world that no one else can, that makes me pretty special (if I do say so myself) it means I'm not an accident, it means I don't need to compare myself to others or be threatened by them because we all have different purposes to fulfil, and the same is true for you.

My self esteem and confidence now comes from knowing that I am here for a reason, the world needs what I've got, there is a spot and position in the world that only I can fill, there is a void in the world that only I can fill, guess what, the same applies to you as well! That's why out of all the self esteem tips I've come across, this particular one has had the most impact in transforming my self image.

The concept was that everything that exists exists because of purpose, everything created was created to serve a specific purpose, nothing exists just because, in fact before something can be created, the purpose of it would have first been determined.

For example, before a table is created, the purpose of the table is already determined, before the table became a physical reality, its purpose was already set, the creator of the table thought about the table, planned the table, designed the table, then created the table. In the same way, God thought about you, planned you and designed you before you became a physical reality.

I truly believe that God thought about you and created you for a purpose and only you can fulfil that purpose, no one else can and that makes you extremely special.

There are many self esteem tips I share on this website but I really want you to grasp this one. If plants and trees have a purpose (part of which is to produce oxygen for us to breathe) how much more you the master piece of God's creation are you not of more value than plants and trees?

Your life is purposeful, your life does have meaning, this world does need you, there is something in you that we all need, you were created to deposit it into this world so that all of humanity can benefit from it - that's where your self esteem and confidence should come from, never let anyone look down on you, just because they are ignorant of your value doesn't mean you are not valuable.

How to Do the Life Purpose Exercise to Discover Your Purpose in Life

1. Grab a note pad and a pen

2. List 2 personal qualities that make you unique. For example compassionate and selfless.

3. List a couple of ways you like to express those qualities when interacting with other people. For example to inspire and to teach.

4. Now imagine the world was a perfect place, what would it look like in your perfect world? For example: Everyone is confident in themselves and achieving their goals, everyone is expressing love and supporting each other.

5. Now combine everything in steps 1, 2 and 3 to create your purpose statement. For example: My purpose in life is to use my compassionate and selfless nature to inspire and teach others to be confident in themselves and achieve their goals, while expressing love and support to those around them

By the way that's, my personal purpose statement you just read. That statement above is what motivates me to do what I do, and it was through doing this exercise myself that I discovered my purpose.

Now using the self esteem tips I just shared and the exercise above, go and construct your own purpose statement, then begin to live purposefully and with confidence.

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