The Secret to Great Self Esteem and Leadership Success

self esteem and leadership

Self esteem and leadership go hand in hand. You cannot be an effective leader if you are not confident in yourself and in your ability to lead your team to success.

Leadership is often birthed out of the womb of a healthy self esteem, it is when we believe that we are able to make a difference and champion a course that we strive for leadership. It would be hard to imagine someone who doesn’t believe they can lead a country, putting themselves forward as a candidate for the elections. It takes self confidence to put yourself forward for such a challenge.

Before you even think of stepping in such position of leadership, you must believe that you are able to deliver and bring solutions; you must believe that you are able to come up with strategies that will lead to progress.

A person who has a poor self esteem will be reluctant to put themselves forward for leadership because they don't believe that they have what it takes to lead, they aren't confident that they can deliver so they often take a back seat.

The sad thing is that leaders who lack self esteem will also often take a back seat, allowing others to make decisions for them rather than them taking the lead, such leaders very quickly lose the respect of those they are supposed to be leading because their team won't believe in them, the team won't be confident that their leader can stir them in the right direction.

Your team should be able to look up to you, they must believe that you are the right person to lead them to where the organisation needs to be, and if you yourself don't have the belief and confidence in yourself to lead them, then what hope does the team have. Everything rises and falls on leadership and if the leader doesn’t believe they can take the team to the desired destination, it will be a fruitless journey.

There are cases where people have positions of leadership but due to lack of confidence and a poor self esteem, they find themselves being undermined by even those that they are supposed to be leading.

The Secret to Having a Great Self Esteem and Leadership Success

Self esteem and leadership also goes hand in hand because it is when we find our true area of leadership that our self esteem grows. The reason many leaders struggle with self esteem and confidence issues in their field of work is because they haven't yet found their true area of leadership, their "calling" and real "purpose in life"

What do I mean?

Well let's use Michael Jordan (the legendary basketball player)as an example, this is someone that found his true area of leadership on the basketball court, and as a result his confidence in leadership comes from knowing that he is in a field where he comes alive, a field where he is an expert and very knowledgeable and skilled, a field where he is passionate and thrives. He is in his ideal environment, there is no struggle, like a fish in water doesn't have to struggle to swim, you can almost say he was born to do it and great self confidence and self esteem will come from that.

Now put the same Michael Jordan on a soccer field and you probably won't see the same level of confidence because it isn't his true area of leadership, it isn't the environment where he thrives best, so he will struggle and it will have a knock on effect on his self esteem because self esteem and leadership go together. If you want to be a good leader then you have to identify the area of leadership where you will thrive best, you must discover your ideal field and environment, you must discover that place where you truly come alive.

If you are leader and you are struggling with low self esteem and you are not too confident or comfortable in your leadership role, then you might need to reassess whether you are in the right field. You need to discover your "purpose in life" and what your true calling is. Only then can you be an effective leader and have the self esteem and confidence to lead your team to victory.

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